March 26, 2014

Fashion review {Spring has come} + talk

Dear readers, hello.
First of all sorry for being inactive, I understand that this blog may come to an end very soon. The reason is
that I don't have the motivation to write about fashion or cosmetics anymore. If you follow me on instagram, 
twitter or tumblr, you know that I am dedicated to art. More specifically, watercolors.
When I think about how this blog started, I didn't even know that I would get readers. At the beginning I 
was just writing reviews because there were fantastic cosmetics hidden in the shadow, that people should 
know about. Nowadays, there are a tons of beauty blogs and awesome bloggers who love to write about 
products and who are way better than I am. (And sorry if I sound so serious and sorry I don't know why it's 
happening, anyway.)
You may have noticed but I am rarely blogging about cosmetics now, as well as fashion. I mean, I'm still 
blogging about fashion stuff but the time between each post is getting longer. The main reason is because I'm
 not living at my parents' house anymore. I live in Strasbourg for my studies, and my packages are delivered 
at my parents address. I go back home only once every 3 weeks to take my stuff, packages etc and only 
after that, I can blog. And the reason why I don't want my stuff to be delivered here is because you have to 
sign the paper or whatever (i think that's a receipt, i don't know), the problem is that I am not always at 
home when the postman comes, so he leaves a yellow paper so that I can get my package at the local post 
office which is actually pretty far and I don't have the time to take the tram etc to get there. 
Sorry if this mess sounds like a mess of excuses but it's truely true.)
So that's a short summary of why my blog is so inactive, I'm sorry I didn't post this earlier.
Now that I feel better, here is my quick review
Pink dress - Get it here
S size, the color is absolutely gorgeous. This is a fantastic dress to wear in spring. I got it in S size because I 
have quite a small waist (63cm) but the rest of my body is an S/M size so I recommend to get your 
measurements down before picking the size (and also it's pretty short, and i'm pretty short)

Red and beige dress - Get it here
I also got this one in S size. The fit is ok. I mean, the waist area is fine. Usually, when I get M, it's way too 
large around the belly. The problem with this dress is that my breast is stretching the fabric (and I am only a
 85B). Otherwise, this is also a great dress for spring.

Blue coat - Get it here
(I'm sorry for the weird picture quality, blogger is decreasing the quality of every pictures I don't know how 
to fix that). I don't have anything bad to say about this coat except that the hood is a little bit too big LOL. I 
guess it's a nice coat for late winter and early spring. In France we didn't get snow this winter but hail on 
monday so, this coat will keep you warm and safe because the hail would bounce on the big hood (and 
hopefully keep you safe. More or less.)

So yes that's all for the moment, I hope you guys have a lovely day !
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February 20, 2014

{ Haul } Korean cosmetics

Hello Sweetpies ! It's been such a long time since I made a cosmetic haul. I try not to buy makeup unless I 
really need to because I have enough makeup for this lifetime. 
So yes it's going to be a really short post !

So I got eyebrow powder from Skinfood, the packaging is lovely, it has a brush, 2 eyebrow powder inside 

and a mirror. It makes my skin looking SO smooth, like babies' booty, and the oil control is very good so far.

I also got the Petite cotton pact from Tonymoly, it's actually quite small, I thought it would be bigger, it also 
has a mirror and a double lid, the sponge is in the last one. The packaging is simple yet adorable !

I also got the popular Missha Perfect cover bbcream in #21. I'm almost running out of Dr jart that's why lol, 
and that one is so expensive so I'm going to try Missha now, I heard great thing on the coverage so that's 
great ! The only downside is the spf i guess. I mean it's a really high spf which is good but my face looks so 
white on photos, like, WHITE.

And I also repurchased Etude House's Baking powder cleansing foam for BBcream, it gets rid of your 
foundation/bbcream etc so easily. Also the one I had before isn't the "bbcream special" version, this one has 
the, you know, grainy stuff in exfoliators. I've been using it for 3 days and it doesn't dry my face out so that's 
fine ! (And I apply a hydrating toner after cleansing my face so...).

If there's a product you want me to review please let me know in the comment section ! 

Have a nice day ~!

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February 16, 2014

Fashion review { Very girly }

Hello everyone ! Sorry for the lack of post this past month, I've just been really busy with school and my job 
so I didn't have enough time to write anything. 
I've heard that the weather has been crazy in a lot of country, I hope you're not having a hard time because 
of snow. Here in Strasbourg it's been raining for almost a week now, this is really depressing...
Anyway onto the outfits !

Loose dress - Get it here

Absolutely love this dress that is more like a tunique for me because it's kind of short so, I would wear a
 dark brown or black short underneath. It is actually pretty thick so you can wear it in winter no problem. It 
has pockets on both side. It's really comfy, not itchy or anything. The only "downside" (it's not really a 
downside but oh well) is that the sleeves are a tiny bit short. I mean if I was taller it would look like a 3/4 
sleeve so it would be perfect but i'm kind of short, so.. LOL

Side zip sweater - Get it here

The first thing I want to say about this top is that I love the fabric. It's not thin, it's not that thick, it feels really 
smooth and it doesn't get any fold wrinkles (not sure it's how you call them but you see what I mean). I 
picked this sweater because of the zipper on the side, I thought it looked nice. I'm wearing a skirt here but it 
would look beautiful with a pair of skinny black jeans.

That's all for the moment, have a nice day !

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