April 23, 2015

Fashion { Cold spring }

Hello guys ! Sorry for the long time without post I was busy with art commissions and other crap 
happening in my life but I found some time to take pictures for a fashion review :).

Grey Skirt 

Ok so i'm in love with everything with straps because it reminds me of a dungaree which is what I 
used to wear when I was like 5 years old but it's à la mode again. This skirt is pretty thick, which I 
like because it won't move too much when there's wind unlike chiffon skirt or other light fabrics. The
 straps are detachable and I placed them in a X pattern on the back because it looks prettier lol.

I didn't expect the blouse to be this long to be honest. I was going to wear it with the grey skirt above 
but it was way too long. Which is not a bad thing because you can wear it as a pretty spring dress and
 the fabric is light (I'm 157cm/ 5'2 btw). It's not available in navy anymore but there's a gold version. 
 I would pair it with a brown/orange bag (blue and orange are complementary colours, they ironically 
go really well together).

Really classic dress to have in your closet ! I have many dresses but I noticed I didnt have any black 
dress so yeah LOL. Nothing special to say about this dress. It's really classic, almost vintagey. I love 
the white collar and the white cuffs. Ah yes for the picture I was clearly inspired by IU's look in You 
and I haha.

Thank you for reading ! Art post and cosmetic reviews coming soon.

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March 20, 2015

Art { Nostalgie } + Commission info

Hello again :) Just a little update on my latest artworks.
When I was little I was always thinking "If only I knew how to draw like this I would decorate my 
room with hotties" AND SINCE I kind of learnt to paint I've decided to do fanarts of my favorite old 
animes. Here are some of them. If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know in the comments :}

Haku, one of my first anime crush of course LOL (the first one was Tuxedo Mask, I'll draw him too)

There's no Haku without Chihiro so here she is

Howl, making magic sexy since forever. And I discovered last year that the movie's setting was 
inspired by Colmar in Alsace (France). I feel proud to be an Alsatian sobs

I hesitated between drawing SailorMoon or Queen Serenity but i thought i can always draw 
sailormoon later (and i don't like to paint blond hair for some reason)

Full size and HD version on http://pastellish.tumblr.com

And I'm also open for commissions because I can't have a scholarship next year and since i'm in
 university and not living with my parents, i need some financial support. I would really appreciate it 
if you consider commissioning me :}

Commissions are always open.
The 3 first commissions will get a free print that I will send to their postal address. 
Taken slots will be updated here. (2/3 taken)
Please send an email to pastellishfr@gmail.com with
  • Name / Blog link
  • Character info/ref pics
  • Optional - Additional info(color scheme, clothes, etc.)
Information in this commission
  • One character
  • Simple background
Thank you very much, have a lovely friday !

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Polyvore ~ sheinside

Hello there ! I found out about this great website called Polyvore where you can make your own 
fashion collage so I decided to give it a try and make 3 outfits using Sheinside's clothes.
You can also add texts, random pics like flowers, cakes, effect (splash, scratch...), backgrounds etc ! I 
always spend hours making collages lool. (took 1 hour to do these 3)

Top - Skirt - Bag

Dress - Cardigan - Bag

Hope you like them ! 

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