May 27, 2015

Art { Spring dew }

Hello there ! New art post with a selection of my most recent artworks. They will all be in my 
artbook. I'm gonna open preorders next week ! 

High res on my tumblr

Have a lovely day !

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May 21, 2015

Fashion { Printemps }

Hello sweetpies ! I'm so sorry for the lack of posts. I've been working on an artbook (and I still am)
 and it's taking most of my freetime so yeah. I will post more details here if anyone is interested :)
Onto the subject. I'm also sorry for Sheinside who kindly sends me clothes to review and I'm always 
late in posting them but here I am.

Blue overall

Love overalls ! I'm move comfortable in them than I am with skirts or dresses. I don't have to worry 
about my panties when it's a bit windy outside lol. The ruffled sleeves remind me of a maid costume 
for some reason. The blue is really lovely and the fabric is not rigid, super pleasing to wear when it's 
sunny. I decided to pair it with an orange bag because blue and orange are complimentary colors so 
they kind of mix well together.

The dress is really pretty but I find it a bit too long for my short size so I'm giving it to my mom. It 
actually looks better on mature women since it's a chic/elegant style. But I like this kind of med-
length sleeves (because i have chubby arms). 

That's all for the moment, have a lovely day !

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May 1, 2015

Art { Starry }

Art post ! These are a selection of my latest artworks. (Recent to less recent LOL)
For a better quality please visit my tumblr.

Wolf boy. I've been playing Blade and Soul lately so i took inspiration from my own character for the outfit.

Orion, my original character.

Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura. I've rewatched the episodes, it still feels amazing as the first time.

I wanted to draw something with constellations so.

Good luck for anybody revising for their finals ! Have a lovely week end

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